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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting

We offer a complete Design, Supply, installation, Commissioning, testing and maintenance service for :-

  • Emergency Lighting to: BS. 5266-1 2016

If you own a non-domestic property, including communal areas of a house with multiple occupancies – then you are required to provide emergency lighting provisions in the event of a power outage as well as keep them maintained.

Commercial and residential premises each have variable regulations on Emergency lighting and require a certain level of maintenance. Surrey Tech Services are your go to company to make sure that all installations meet the required laws and controls of the British standards and are maintained to the highest quality.

Fire Exit ,green Emergency Exit Sign.

Design, Installation and maintenance

Our team of in house designers will work out the emergency lighting coverage you need to make sure your building is covered to the correct standards, ensuring that your building is up to date with the latest health and safety polices which in turn will provide your building with the best possible arrangements in case of emergency.

Working with our team of designers our installation/commissioning team will ensure all requirements of the installation specifications are met to the highest quality, and will be over seen by our contracts and projects managers. Ensuring all time frames and any obstacles are met and overcome to the best our ability to provide you with the best possible service we can offer.

We offer a range of monthly, quarterly and yearly emergency lighting testing/ maintenance packages, keeping your log books completely up to date for all insurance purposes. In the event of failed tests we offer you the best advice and prices on replacement fittings to keep your building to a satisfactory standard.