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Fire alarm systems surrey – which system is right for you?

Nov 29, 2019

Surrey Tech Services offer a variety of fire alarm systems to keep your business protected and meet health and safety regulations. However, with so many different types of fire detectors available, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Every business, home and public building has different requirements for the installation of a safe and effective fire alarm system in Surrey, which is why a personal consultation is the best method of determining which will be most suitable for your needs. Continue reading to find out about Surrey Tech Services top recommendations for fire alarm installation depending upon your business premises and your specific requirements.

Addressable fire alarm systems Surrey

An addressable smoke detection system is an innovative system which can tell you which smoke detector or heat detector has been triggered in the event of a fire. An addressable fire alarm system uses a complex series of algorithms to give each detector in the system a unique number with which it can be identified when needed.

Addressable smoke alarms are essential for maintaining high levels of fire alarm coverage, and they are often installed in schools, hospitals and commercial buildings. The main advantage of an addressable fire alarm system lies in its ability to help the user to quickly identify which alarm is triggered in the event of a fire. This is of paramount importance in large buildings, where manually checking the smoke and heat detectors is unfeasible. The system also provides information on the functionality of each detector and manual call point. This means that if a single detector stops working, it can be easily identified and fixed while not affecting the other detectors.

Conventional fire alarm systems

A conventional fire alarm system is a cost-effective way for a business to protect its premises with a high level of fire detection. Although conventional systems cannot offer the pinpoint accuracy of an addressable fire alarm system, they can detect in which area or zone of a building a detector was triggered. Conventional fire alarm systems divide the protected area into zones, and in the event of a fire, the main control panel will display which zone may contain a potential fire hazard. Should your business get bigger, new detectors can easily be added into new zones and detectors can be moved to give an adequate amount of fire detection coverage. Conventional systems are suitable for most buildings that do not require higher protection and are simple to install and maintain.

Wireless fire alarm system

If you are worried about a wired fire alarm installation disrupting your business, then a wireless system may be the perfect choice for your premises. A wireless smoke alarm system can be quickly and easily installed as it does not require any cables or attachments – meaning that there will be no need to redecorate after installation! Although wireless fire alarm installation is a simple and effective way to provide fire detection in your building, they do require regular upkeep and maintenance. All wireless fire alarms use batteries, which must be tested and replaced according to fire safety regulations.

Fire alarm monitoring system

If you are working away at your desk and the fire alarm goes off, you can immediately assess the situation and if necessary, call emergency services. But if no one is in the building at the weekend, at night or on bank holidays – who is going to alert the authorities in the event of a fire?

Adding a fire alarm monitoring service to your current fire alarm system is the best way to keep your business safe even when you are not in the office. If a heat or smoke detector has been triggered, a fire alarm monitoring service can immediately notify emergency services or the keyholder who can then decide on whether emergency services are needed.

Contact Surrey Tech Services today to find out which of our fire alarm systems in Surrey may be suitable for your business. We offer professional, friendly and reliable service to meet all of your fire alarm and smoke detection needs.

Fire alarm systems

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