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      Fire Alarm Maintenance & Servicing

      Only a working fire alarm can save lives. That’s why at Surrey Tech Services Ltd, we provide fire alarm maintenance and servicing for businesses and commercial premises throughout London and the Home Counties – including Maidenhead, Guildford and Slough.

      We offer monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance packages, complete with fully documented servicing history. This will ensure you have fewer false alarms and gives you peace of mind knowing your alarm system is in full working order – with faults spotted before they can become major issues.

      We even offer a 24/7 call-out service for emergencies, ensuring any issues can be taken care of day or night.

      You’ll get a service level agreement and our team of qualified, experienced engineers will be on hand to provide in-depth fire alarm servicing to ensure your system runs smoothly. We’re BAFE accredited and NICEIC-approved and have been delivering high standards of work since 2014 for the region to help our customers protect their buildings.

      Why do fire alarms need to be serviced?

      Over time, regardless of how well a system was first installed, faults can occur and damage to elements of your fire alarm can be sustained. This puts your building and those within it at risk. The older a system is, the more likely you are to get false alarms or, more dangerously, a lack of alerts if it’s not fully functioning.

      With fire alarm servicing, you can ensure you’re remaining compliant with the law. We provide servicing to help you keep your system in optimal condition, with our fire alarm maintenance team working to spot potential faults before they become larger issues. In the long run, this investment in your fire alarm system can save you money, as it will last longer without the need for replacement.

      What is included in fire alarm maintenance?

      As an essential aspect of remaining legally compliant, it’s important to understand that there are different elements included in fire alarm maintenance. From checks to servicing reports, our professional team can conduct thorough maintenance on your system, including:

      • Load testing
      • Battery testing
      • Contact with receiving centre (where applicable)
      • Systems checks
      • Logbook checks
      • Detector checks
      • Interface unit checks

      These are just some of the checks and tests we carry out during our fire alarm maintenance appointments. The time taken to complete this and the different work carried out will depend on the system, the number of elements to be checked and the service history. You can learn more about what is included in our fire alarm maintenance service by speaking to a member of our professional team today.

      Protect your building with fire alarm maintenance – book an appointment or speak to our team today about the alarm repairs and the frequency of service you require for your building. We’re always on hand to assist and advise when it comes to the upkeep of your fire alarm system.

      Protect your business premises today

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