Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

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An addressable fire alarm system is where every smoke detector, heat detector and manual call point has its own unique reference number, enabling the fire alarm control panel to talk to and monitor each point of the system individually. Every device is named and referenced to its location, enabling you to see the exact device that has been triggered in the event of a fire.

How it works

Every device is linked directly to the control panel at the central addressable fire alarm, which continuously conveys information to check on the status of every device. Each device in return transmits data that states its condition to the fire alarm panel. Failure of a single device to respond to the control panel means that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Individuals from the fire alarm installation firm are sent to that particular place to deal with the problem until the system is back in good working order.

Addressable fire alarm systems are an integral part of ensuring maximum levels of fire safety, with the ability to detect faults on any of the system’s devices. Our team installs the addressable fire alarm system in accordance to client’s requirements and the type of property. Our clients include higher levels of fire alarm coverage such as schools, hospitals, offices, communal areas in flats, HMOs and most buildings of commercial and industrial use.

Is it reliable?

When a single device stops working, it brings no effect on the others, meaning that the rest of the instruments will continue to function. As the system continues to function, it becomes possible for the exact point of error to be identified, which would otherwise be impossible to achieve if the entire system would cease functioning. Since the location of the single device that has stopped working can be easily determined, there is no time wasted moving around from one room to the other in search of the specific location.

An addressable fire alarm system makes it easy to monitor the progress of each device, enabling fast detection of the particular location where a fire has occurred. It is also effective for large commercial industries as it helps to pinpoint the exact location in which the devices have detected smoke or fire.

Although the benefits are numerous, it is worth noting that addressable fire alarms installation can be more costly compared to other techniques. However, considering its numerous advantages, it is worth every penny that goes to its installation.

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Addressable fire alarm systems

Addressable fire alarm systems

  • pinpoints fires quickly and accurately
  • ensures maximum levels of fire safety
  • protects your business premises and assets
  • installed and maintained to the highest standards by our specialist team of fire alarm engineers

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