Fire alarm systems Surrey: which installation should you choose? Posted: 13/10/2019

Fire alarm systems Surrey: which installation should you choose?

Fire alarm systems Surrey: which installation should you choose?

On the surface, your fire alarm system seems simple. The detectors react to the presence of a fire and send a message to sound the alarm. When you enter a building, you probably don’t care all too much about how that system is installed.

When you need your own fire alarm system, installation becomes more of a concern. Now, you need to know how those alarms can be installed and which is the most suitable method.

With a variety of different types of fire alarm, what are the pros and cons of each?

– Wireless fire alarms

Using radio signals rather than cables, a wireless fire alarm can be quickly and easily installed. It requires very limited building modification, which can make it a very appealing choice for older properties and listed buildings. It can also be easily expanded.

Wireless fire alarm systems are typically battery-powered. If you’re choosing this method of installation then you must be prepared to regularly check that the system is working as it should be.

– Conventional fire alarms

A conventional fire alarm system is often ideally suited to shops, offices, schools, hotels and other commercial properties. In the event of a fire, a smoke detector can alert you to the zone the fire is in. It won’t tell you exactly where the fire will be but does provide the information needed to make a quick check of the area.

These wired fire alarm systems will also include buttons that can be pushed for manual activation. This enables a fast response, as sometimes nearby people will be aware before a smoke detector could have picked up on it.

– Addressable fire alarms

Unlike conventional fire alarm systems, this installation avoids the use of zones. Instead, every single button and smoke detector has a unique identifying code. Rather than showing a rough zone, the fire alarm control panel will tell you exactly which device raised the alarm. You’ll immediately see whether it was manually raised, or whether smoke or heat was detected by the system.

Addressable systems provide the chance to respond more quickly, and also to identify pranksters and stop them in their tracks. These systems can be ideal for hotels, schools and hospitals, where reporting accuracy is a top priority.

Addressable fire alarm installations also continue to work, even if there’s an error in one location. This means that you can quickly identify problem areas, without any disruption elsewhere.

– How do you choose the right fire alarm system installation?

Whether you need a simple smoke alarm or a much more complicated system, it helps to have an idea in mind about the features that you find most important.

Is accuracy your top priority, or do you need fire detector installation without additional cables? All fire alarm systems need to be reliable and efficient, but your building type and personal preference may have an impact on the type that you choose. In schools, an addressable fire alarm system may lead you quickly to a specific classroom or let you catch a young prankster in the act, whilst in a warehouse, it may be enough to be led to the zone of a fire.

Wireless fire alarm systems are a popular choice as they’re often less disruptive, but may require higher levels of maintenance than other fire detection systems. If you’re choosing wireless, be ready for the cost of battery replacements.

At Surrey Tech Services, we can talk you through your options and help you to find the best choice.

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