The different types of fire alarm systems Posted: 13/09/2019

The different types of fire alarm systems

The different types of fire alarm systems

It might surprise you to learn that there are several different types of fire alarm systems. It is important to be aware of the different systems that are available as the type of system employed depends upon the appropriate legislation, the structure of the building and its purpose and use.

The decision of what type of system to install into your home or business should not be taken lightly. At the heart of this process, safety ought to be the primary concern. Ensuring that you have a safe, reliable system will ensure that every individual in the building is kept free from harm should an emergency arise.

Here we explore the main types of fire alarm systems to help you to enhance the safety of your building.

Conventional fire alarm systems

In this system, many detectors and call points are linked to the control panel in zones, which refer to a circuit and provide an approximate estimation of where the fire occurred. The control panel has many zone lamps to signify these areas, and the accuracy of locating the fire also depends on the number of wired circuits.

The alarm can sound in the event of an emergency as the control panel is wired to sounder units that house audible devices.

Analogue addressable fire alarm systems

These systems may also be referred to as intelligent fire alarm systems, for which there are several types – this depends on the procedure that is used. Most analogue detectors can only exhibit output signals, so it is the role of the control unit to determine whether there is a fire or fault present. However, with intelligent analogue systems, every detector has its own computer which assesses the surrounding environment and notifies the control panel of any issues.

The role of such systems is to help stop alarms occurring when there are no faults.

Wireless fire alarm systems

Unlike traditional wired alarm systems, wireless systems use radio communications to connect sensors with controllers. This innovative design is essentially an analogue addressable system but without the wires.

Not only are these systems quicker and easier to install, but they can also be placed in almost any location thanks to the elimination of cable. This is particularly useful for narrow buildings or areas where the system may need to be moved around for optimum effectiveness.

Addressable fire alarm systems

Similar to conventional systems, the main difference between the two is the detection of the alarm. In addressable systems, the control panel can discover which call point or detector has led to the offset of the alarm. This circuit of detection is loop wired and has a particularly high capacity for device connection. These detectors have a built-in address, set by switches, and the control panel is set up to indicate when a certain detector is working.

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