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25-28 Easton street

25-28 Easton street

Working for Oakmont Construction LTD we have just completed our latest large electrical installation a Cat A and Cat B office fitout for the workspace group. Spread across 2 buildings 25 and 28 Easton street in centre off Clerkenwell is a newly refurbished office complex. Building 25 consisting of 4 separate Cat B spaces over 5 floors and building 28 consisting of 2 large ground floor units, 28 offices of varying sizes across levels 1 and 2, and a large top floor office on the 3rd.


Through out this building the architects wanted to keep the industrial look, so all containment routes are on show and a metal skirting trunking running around the perimeter, with a CP-Electronics intelligent  lighting system through-out.

25 Easton street

3rd floor office