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      Fire Alarm Systems

      Protect your business and your assets with fire alarm systems. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that you should take reasonable steps to reduce risk and ensure people can escape safely, something fire alarms play a huge role in.

      Our fire alarm systems not only alert you to a fire, but they can also tell you where the fire is, allowing you to follow your evacuation procedure safely. At Surrey Tech Services Ltd, we provide a full range of fire alarm services for London and the Home Counties, including Maidenhead, Guildford and Slough. As part of our comprehensive fire alarm services, we offer:

      If you have an existing fire alarm system in place and require maintenance, or if you think you might need a replacement system based on changes to your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.

      Types of fire alarm systems

      There are different types of fire alarm systems available to suit different buildings. We can advise you on the right system for your premises based on a number of factors, including the industry you work in, how large the building is and the actual floor plan of the building.

      The most common types of fire alarms available include:

      • Conventional Systems – Single devices connected in loops, indicating “zones” where fire has broken out
      • Addressable Systems – Single devices can be individually indicated on the control panel to pinpoint the location of a fire exactly
      • Analogue Addressable Systems – Similar to standard addressable, but can also alert for other factors such as heat, smoke and faults, helping to reduce false alarms
      • Wireless Systems – Ideal for situations where wired systems cannot be installed, such as in listed buildings, or where there is a desired aesthetic for the premises

      As you can see, every building will have different requirements, but at Surrey Tech Services Ltd, we have the expertise to help advise on and design your new fire alarm system. We’ll ensure you get the right level of coverage to ensure you meet your legal obligations and to safeguard lives.

      Whether you run a business, own an office block or are a landlord, we can recommend the right system and related equipment to suit your building.

      Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

      Conventional fire alarms are one of our most cost-effective systems and are popular throughout Maidenhead, Guildford and Slough. Ideal for smaller, self-contained premises, they use single devices, each connected to the main control panel, allowing for the right number of devices to be installed and expanded upon where needed. These devices can then indicate “zones” that can in turn assist with evacuation and give fire and rescue services a better idea of where a fire is located.

      Ideal for offices and warehouses, these adaptable systems can be installed and maintained by our qualified engineers to help your business remain legally compliant.

      Call today or fill in our contact form to speak to our team about the type of fire alarm you require or to get advice for your business.

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