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    Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

    Safely tackle kitchen fires without the risk of splashing hot oils thanks to wet chemical fire extinguishers. At Surrey Tech Services Ltd, we supply and install wet chem extinguishers for commercial kitchens and hospitality settings across London and the Home Counties – including Maidenhead, Slough and Guildford.

    Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Suppliers

    As a BAFE-accredited team, we’re leading suppliers of wet chemical fire extinguishers, offering both high-quality equipment and our specialist advice. When it comes to fire protection, there’s no one better to provide the full range of services your business might need, and that includes a full range of extinguisher types to meet any potential hazard.

    What Are Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers Used For?

    Wet chemical extinguishers are for Class F fires, which is essentially any fire caused by burning oils and fats. The wet chemical solution is sprayed above the fire, settling on the surface of the liquid, creating a chemical layer that suppresses flames, cools the liquid and prevents reignition.

    These extinguishers are so important in kitchens because any other type of extinguisher would potentially splash the burning liquid, risking spreading the fire and causing injuries. Whether you have a hotel kitchen, a canteen in a school or kitchen areas in any other commercial space, we highly recommend positioning wet chemical extinguishers close at hand.

    Why Choose Us?

    No matter what type of business you operate or how many sites you run, we take fire safety and your legal obligations seriously. Our team covers London, Surrey and the Home Counties so that you get the very best advice without the need to engage multiple contractors, which can be time-consuming. We even conduct fire risk assessments to help establish the current state of fire safety measures in your building.

    Get wet chemical fire extinguishers today and help your team to safely tackle kitchen fires. You can even arrange a free site survey with us if you need a comprehensive analysis of everything related to extinguishers and fire safety in your business.