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    Powder Fire Extinguishers

    One the most versatile pieces of fire safety equipment, powder fire extinguishers can cover a variety of fire types thanks to their ability to starve them of oxygen. At Surrey Tech Services Ltd, we supply and install powder extinguishers, sometimes referred to as ABC units, for clients across London and the Home Counties – including Maidenhead, Slough and Guildford.

    Powder Fire Extinguisher Supplier

    We’re leading suppliers of power fire extinguishers and we’re a BAFE-accredited team so you know you’re getting the best advice for all your fire protection needs. From a wide range of fire extinguisher choices that cover all fire risk types to our fire risk assessment service, you can count on us to protect your interests and help you to save lives.

    What Are Powder Fire Extinguishers Used For?

    As well as being suitable for Class A fires, Class B fires and Class C fires – hence the nickname ABC – a powder fire extinguisher can also be used on an electrical fire. Being able to handle fires that involve organic material, flammable liquids, flammable gases and important electrical items means that powder units are immensely popular across a number of sectors.

    These are great to have if you work around fuels and equipment, such as petrol station forecourts, warehouses and large commercial boiler rooms. Give your staff the best chance to safely stop a fire before it spreads with a dry powder fire extinguisher.

    Why Choose Us?

    No matter what kind of business you operate, we provide professional advice and high-quality equipment. Whether you run a small retail unit or a large construction firm, we’re on hand across London, Surrey and the Home Counties, providing powder fire extinguishers and much more for a comprehensive service. That means you don’t have to go through the hassle of working with multiple different contractors to get the right level of fire protection for your site.

    Get your powder fire extinguishers in any quantity today from a team with years of experience in the industry. Contact us now and we’ll be happy to arrange a free site survey if you are unsure of what you need in order to uphold your legal obligations.