Preserving passive fire protection

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      Fire Stopping Services

      Fire stopping is a key element of compartmentalisation, itself a design feature of buildings created to contain a fire for long enough to allow people to evacuate safely. Here at Surrey Tech Services Ltd, we offer fire stopping services to help you keep the people in your building safe.

      Fire stopping measures help to seal any gaps, holes or openings that would otherwise allow flames and smoke to spread. So, wherever you are in London and the Home Counties – including Maidenhead, Guildford and Slough – look no further for comprehensive services for your building.

      What Is Fire Stopping In A Building?

      Fire stopping as a passive fire protection measure for any building can be applied to many areas, including walls, floors, ceilings and voids. Gaps can appear in several ways, compromising parts of your structure that are designed to create robust building compartments. Here are just a few instances where fire stopping can be useful:

      • Where holes have been drilled into walls and ceilings by remedial works
      • Where floors and walls have expanded or contracted, leaving gaps
      • Where pipes, cables or beams have created openings at the point where they meet a wall/ceiling
      • Where a hole remains after infrastructure has been removed

      Fire Stopping Installation

      Here at Surrey Tech Services Ltd, we offer fire stopping installation for a variety of products, including cavity barriers, fire curtains, fire barriers, penetration seals, fire collars and fire sleeves. We ensure you get the right solution to fill or cover any holes, blocking routes so that fire cannot easily move through your building.

      Thanks to our trained, specialist team, you can also count on the fact that your fire stopping measures will be installed to BS 476 Part 24 and that your compartmentation design will be in line with BS 9999.

      Who Is Responsible For Fire Stopping?

      As the manager or business owner, you will be responsible for fire stopping as it forms part of your legal responsibility to ensure your building has the right fire safety measures in place. The fire stopping requirements for your building can be assessed in our inspections, allowing us to offer expert guidance no matter what you use your building for.

      So whether you’ve had an HVAC system installed, cables passed through walls or simply need a fire stopping inspection to ensure your passive fire protection measures are still intact, put your trust in our reliable team. We can even provide fire doors that help assist with passive fire protection throughout your building.

      We’re happy to assist everyone, from hotel owners and leisure centres to schools and office buildings. Call today for professional fire stopping services in London and the Home Counties.

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