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      Commercial Fire Alarms

      Meeting your legal obligations and protecting lives are imperative. That’s why commercial fire alarms are so important, and at Surrey Tech Services Ltd, we provide professional installation of a wide range of systems to ensure you have the right level of protection in place.

      Our expert team operates throughout London and the Home Counties – including Maidenhead, Guildford and Slough – to provide the following fire alarm systems:

      How do commercial fire alarm systems work?

      The fire alarm system you choose will inform how it works, but all commercial fire alarms utilise control panels. This is so that call points and detectors can be integrated into the system – either wired or using radio frequencies – with status information fed back to the control panel.

      When a fire is detected, the control panel will indicate where in your building the fire is – this will either be a general zone or a precise location depending on the system you opt for. Your fire alarm can also tell you more detail about faults, smoke and heat if you opt for an analogue addressable system – useful for reducing false alarms in larger buildings.

      Our qualified team can advise you on the right system for your commercial premises, instructing you on how the system works upon the successful installation.

      Do I need a fire alarm system for my business?

      According to fire regulations in the UK, you need ‘an appropriate fire detection system’ for commercial premises. Whether you operate a large or small business, unless you have a small, single-storey, open plan space with no high-risk activities or materials, a fire alarm system of some kind is usually required.

      At Surrey Tech Services Ltd, we advise companies across London and the Home Counties when it comes to whether a fire alarm is required. We operate in line with the law to state whether your premises require a fire alarm system. We can also conduct a fire risk assessment to establish any risks your business faces.

      How often should fire alarms be tested in the workplace?

      To ensure your fire alarm is in full working order, regular weekly testing is required from both the responsible person(s), as well as an inspection from a professional every six months. This is according to BS 5839, which outlines your legal requirements regarding testing.

      The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 also outlines professional fire alarm inspections, helping to keep those in your workplace safe. To ensure you’re meeting your legal obligations, we provide monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance and servicing as a BAFE -accredited company.

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