Monitored Fire Alarms Raising the alarm when you’re not there

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      Monitored Fire Alarms

      Everyone knows that fire alarms are important to ensure a safe working environment, but what about when no one is there to raise the alarm? That’s where monitored fire alarms are essential.

      When a fire breaks out in your building, it could take a long time before someone notices and raises the alarm, but with a monitored fire alarm system from Surrey Tech Services Ltd, the alarm is raised instantly. We provide this fire alarm type for businesses and buildings throughout London and the Home Counties – including Maidenhead, Slough and Guildford.

      This means that not only is anyone in the building immediately aware of the danger, giving them time to escape safely, but it also means the emergency services can arrive quicker. As a result, your building and assets are more likely to be preserved than with a standard alarm requiring a passer-by to contact someone.

      How does a monitored fire alarm system work?

      So how does a monitored fire alarm system actually work? It begins with the triggering of the alarm as standard.

      When a fire is detected, the system will send a signal to an alarm receiving centre (sometimes referred to as an ARC). The ARC contacts the fire brigade, as well as any specified keyholders, who can then react to the situation (local fire brigade response times may vary).

      This is especially important in out-of-hours scenarios, usually during the night when business premises are left unattended, since the alarm is raised quickly as opposed to going unheeded.

      What are the benefits of monitored fire alarm systems?

      Monitored fire alarm systems are superior to regular systems for many reasons, since there’s so much more they can do. Here are just some of the main benefits:

      • A greater chance of saving lives
      • Your building and assets stand a better chance of surviving
      • They’re easy to install and maintain
      • Alarm signals can be sent out of hours
      • A dedicated monitoring centre will receive any alerts
      • Your business may be able to continue if a fire is stopped early
      • Monitoring means false alarms can be reduced

      On top of all this, with our expert, professional team carrying out the installation of your monitored fire alarm system, you’ll know you’re in the best possible hands. Our experienced engineers will help you protect your building and uphold your legal obligations as a business.

      Learn more about monitored fire alarm systems for your commercial premises by contacting us today. Our friendly team is always on hand to help and can advise you on the best systems suitable for your building – simply call or fill in our contact form.

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