Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems

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A fire alarm monitoring system installed and maintained by Surrey Tech Services to the highest standards gives you peace of mind that your staff, visitors, buildings and assets will be protected from the damaging effects of a fire.

Why add a monitoring system?

When buildings are occupied, fire alarms can be heard and the emergency services called. But what happens overnight or at weekends when buildings are empty? By the time the fire brigade have been alerted it could be too late and there’s every chance your business may not recover.

Adding a monitoring service to your fire alarm system ensures that the emergency services are alerted immediately in the event of a fire reducing the risk of further damage and loss.

How it works

When your fire alarm is activated, the monitoring system instantly connects to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which in turn sends a notification either to the fire service, or, if nominated, the appropriate key holder.

Some high-risk businesses, such as residential care homes for example, may be required by their insurance provider to install a fire alarm monitoring system to provide an immediate response from the emergency services in the event of a fire. For lower risk organisations, the keyholder can receive the notification and they can decide if emergency services need to be called.

Surrey Tech Services provides this 24 hour, 365 days a year monitoring service through our alarm receiving centre, Southern Monitoring, one of the largest independent ARC service providers in the UK, monitoring over 1,700 Fire Alarm Systems.

The signalling units we use are split between two of the UK’s largest manufacturers of remote signalling, BT Redcare and CSL. These units range from basic digital communicators through to ultra-secure dual path systems, IP / GSM.

Red Care

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Fire alarm monitoring systems

Fire alarm monitoring systems

  • 24/7 365 days a year monitoring
  • protects your business premises and assets
  • installed and maintained to the highest standards by our specialist team of fire alarm engineers
  • endorsed by insurers

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