FD90 Fire Doors
  • 90 minutes of fire resistance
  • Made-to-measure doors
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial use
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    FD90 Fire Doors

    Here at Surrey Tech Services Ltd, we’re experts in all aspects of fire doors, which is why we supply and install FD90 doors for commercial and industrial properties across London and the Home Counties – including Maidenhead, Guildford, Slough and London.

    With BS 476-22-compliant FD90 fire doors and installation carried out to BS 8214, you can be sure of our quality with every door we install. Plus, we create FD90 fire doors made to measure, because we know not everyone has the same door size within their building.

    What Is An FD90 Fire Door?

    An FD90 fire door is a door that has been created specifically to resist both smoke and fire for up to 90 minutes. The code FD90 quite literally means Fire Door 90 minutes, and these doors will have been tested to ensure they provide the right level of resistance.

    Recommended for both commercial and industrial settings where the safety and evacuation of lots of people needs to be considered, or where vital assets are housed. This additional time for fire and rescue services to attend could help to save lives and protect equipment and machinery.

    How Thick Are FD90 Fire Doors?

    Standard FD90 fire doors are 64mm in thickness, ensuring the door can resist a fire for as long as 90 minutes. The integrity of the door means that it is ideal for an industrial or commercial building where a bigger window of protection time is necessary.

    FD90 Fire Door Features

    There are a certain number of features that are common across all fire doors, including intumescent seals, smoke seals and the frame set for the door. At Surrey Tech Services, we provide all the necessary features, along with optional features such as glazing or various closer choices.

    Should your premises have FD90 fire doors? If you’re unsure, why not look to our expert team who can talk to you about the right fire door resistance times to reflect the layout of your premises as well as the number of people using the building? We can provide FD90 fire doors for buildings being newly constructed as well as to replace your old fire doors.

    Contact us today for more information or to book an installation appointment with our team — we can provide FD90 fires as single doors or for your entire building.