Can Commercial Fire Alarms Be Wireless?
Posted: 11/01/2024
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Can commercial fire alarms be wireless?


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Can Commercial Fire Alarms Be Wireless?

Yes, any commercial building can be fitted with a wireless fire alarm where appropriate and structurally feasible.

Hotels, schools, offices, leisure centres, retail units and even heritage buildings can all have a wireless fire alarm system installed to help meet their legal obligations. 

There is always a variety of options when it comes to commercial fire alarms, including wireless systems. This month at Surrey Tech Services, we’ll be going into wireless fire alarms in more detail to help you make the right decision for your business or organisation.

Can commercial fire alarms be wireless?


What is a wireless fire alarm system?

What is a wireless fire alarm system?

A wireless fire alarm, sometimes called a radio fire alarm, is a system not connected by wires and cables but by radio frequency. This means that all aspects of the system – including heat detectors, call points and smoke detectors – can communicate through radio signals instantly in an emergency to trigger a response in the control panel.

These wireless systems can be either addressable or non-addressable, but they must remain compliant with BS 5839.

The technology has come a long way since the 1980s, when it was first launched, providing a fantastic solution for a variety of businesses and commercial buildings. Let’s learn about those benefits next!


Five benefits of wireless fire alarm systems

Benefits of wireless fire alarm systems

Here are just some of the benefits you get with a wireless fire alarm system:

  1. Quick and easy to install thanks to a lack of cables – this is great news for listed buildings where drilling holes and installing cables isn’t permitted.
  2. Easily adapted if your building expands or changes purpose – ideal if you have a business operation that you’re looking to grow over time.
  3. Keeps your building looking neat and tidy – perfect for making an aesthetically pleasing place to work in or visit.
  4. Just as reliable as a wired system – in fact, they even remain in operation when mains power goes down as they are battery-operated.
  5. Advantageous for larger sites – keeps complex, large or high-ceilinged buildings connected and covered without the need for miles of cabling.


Downsides of a wireless fire alarm systems

Downsides of wireless fire alarm systems

Considering the above, it’s only fair to now look at some of the drawbacks that a wireless fire alarm system might present, giving you a balance of information on which to make your decision. 

There are really only two things to consider: the first is that the initial cost for the hardware of a wireless fire alarm system can be more expensive than a traditional system. The other factor is that, because the system relies on batteries, they need to be checked regularly to ensure the system is always operational.


Is a wireless fire alarm right for my business?

Is a wireless fire alarm right for my business?

The answer to whether you should get a wireless fire alarm for your business or not comes down to your building, your operations and your budget. 

With a quick installation and flexibility for the future, there are so many businesses that could benefit. But you may particularly want to consider a wireless fire alarm if you fall into the following categories:

  • You need a clean, tidy finish for your space – luxury hotels or retail spaces
  • You manage a historic or listed building with restrictions – museums and galleries
  • You have plans to renovate or extend your premises in the future – commercial units
  • You have a building with high ceilings or a complex layout – hospitals and universities
  • You have a temporary location to cover that will move multiple times – construction sites


Wireless fire alarm systems are increasingly popular for commercial premises, so if you’d like more information or to book an appointment with an experienced technician here at Surrey Tech Services Ltd, don’t hesitate. We help businesses, schools and other organisations across London and the Home Counties – including Maidenhead, Guildford and Slough – with fire alarm installation, as well as providing maintenance for fire alarms.

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