Donating to Two Oaks Primary School, Lewisham
Posted: 17/11/2023
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Surrey Tech Services donated work surfaces
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Donating to Two Oaks Primary School, Lewisham

Surrey Tech Services Ltd might be a business, but we’re also part of the local community. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to help others and lend a hand where we can for important causes that are close to our hearts. We believe we can all make life better for each other, even through small acts.

We were particularly touched to receive a letter recently from Fatima, a Year 5 school counsellor at Two Oaks Primary School in Lewisham. Fatima wrote to thank us for a recent donation we made of work surfaces to the school, something they’ve made into fun, interactive mud kitchens.

The mud kitchens not only offer something fun for the children to play with where they can use their imaginations, but they also teach them about kitchen supplies and problem-solving with peers. 

We’re glad the work surfaces have been put to such good use in the playground and would like to thank Fatima and the Two Oaks Primary School for their kind letter (which you can read below).

Donating to Two Oaks Primary School - Surrey Tech Services

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