Essential Elements for Fitting Out Your New Office
Posted: 12/09/2022
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Essential Elements for Fitting Out Your New Office

Moving into a new office can be an exciting time for your business, especially if you’re growing and evolving. There is plenty to consider as part of fitting out your new space, and you’re likely to be most excited about choosing the decor, including furniture, wall art and any special features you have planned.

However, there are some very essential elements of an office fit-out that you need to consider first. This month at Surrey Tech Services Ltd, we’re going to take you through some of the most crucial fit-out elements to think about to help make your new office safe, secure and ready to turn into a successful hub for your company.

Office fit out


Depending on what state you receive your new office space in, there may or may not be adequate lighting in place already. It’s important that you get your lighting tailored to your chosen layout regardless, since you don’t want to have spaces that are too dark, making them unwelcoming or impractical to work in. 

Lighting can play an important role in the comfort and productivity of your employees, with decisions regarding the placement of lighting and the colour temperature all factoring into how your space is perceived. Generally, you want things to be bright and calming, without producing the kind of glare that can give people headaches.


Fire Alarm

A fire alarm is a fundamental part of your office and a legal requirement. Your fire alarm system should be suitable for your business specifically, so don’t assume that the setup that the previous occupants had will work for you.

You can read more about the different fire alarm systems we provide at Surrey Tech Services Ltd in our previous article on the topic. Essentially, you need to work out the relevant risks specific to your business and the building structure, with a system designed to cover all areas. This might be a monitored system if your premises will be unattended for long periods, or a wireless system if you’re seeking a cleaner aesthetic or aren’t permitted to drill in certain areas.


Fire Safety Equipment

In addition to having the right fire alarm system in place, you also need to consider what fire safety equipment will be required for your new office. Again, you should never rely on what the previous occupants had in place, as you may have entirely different risks to contend with.

From fire extinguishers and fire blankets to emergency lighting and fire signage, you should speak to professional fire safety experts to make sure you have all the legally required equipment for your business. Consider what materials you have on site and plan accordingly — a fire risk assessment can help to establish this.

You may also want to enquire about fire doors, made to measure, for your new office fit-out if there are none currently in place.


IT Infrastructure

If your business relies on IT equipment and the internet – and let’s face it, which business doesn’t these days? – then you should plan your IT infrastructure accordingly. 

Will you need wireless internet connection in every corner of the building? Are you going to need to house servers in your building? All of these things require careful planning so that you aren’t ripping up flooring or drilling into freshly decorated walls further down the line.

At Surrey Tech Services Ltd, we operate as commercial electricians and can help with the placement of lighting and electrical points throughout your building — including for your office fit-out.


CAT A or CAT B fit out?

A lot of what you require for your new office fit-out will come down to whether you need a CAT A fit-out or a CAT B fit-out, with the latter going into more depth for the finishing touches, such as partitions, branding and general facilities. 

It’s important to clarify which category you need in order to get the right fit-out services before you take up occupancy in your new space.


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