How to Stop Fire Doors Slamming
Posted: 18/01/2023
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How to stop fire doors slamming
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How to Stop Fire Doors Slamming

Fire doors are a necessity for all non-domestic premises and provide a precious extra layer of protection in an emergency. You may have noticed that your fire door immediately swings shut after use; this is due to the specially fitted self-closing mechanism. Regulations state that your fire door should close completely; however, they should not be slamming shut behind you. Not only is this an annoyance but this can be an indication of problems with the closing mechanism. Your fire door should be immediately examined by a professional to ensure it is not putting anybody at risk.

With this in mind, the team at Surrey Tech Services has written this article, explaining everything there is to know about fire doors and their self-closing mechanisms.

How to stop fire doors slamming

What is a fire door closer?

Fire door closers are an important piece of hardware that should be present on every legally compliant fire door. Typically, this mechanism comes in the form of metal arms that are situated above the door. This device ensures that a fire door never remains open and will always swing shut following use.

Do fire doors need to be self-closing?

Emergency situations can escalate incredibly quickly and be a distressing experience for all involved. During this fraught situation, those evacuating may not think to pull the door shut behind them as they leave. This seemingly minor mistake can have catastrophic consequences as it voids the purpose of the fire door: to remain shut and withstand fire long enough for occupants to escape.

Approved Document B addresses all fire safety precautions and legislation for buildings throughout the UK. This document states that all fire doorsets, including to flat entrances and between a dwelling house and an integral garage, should be fitted with a self-closing device’. The only exception to this is if the fire door leads to a cupboard or service duct that is usually locked. It is the duty of the designated responsible person – this could be a landlord, building manager or employer – to provide suitable fire doors. If these are found to be legally inadequate, the responsible person might find themselves liable and even subject to a custodial sentence in cases of extreme negligence.

How can I stop my door slamming shut?

How to stop fire door slamming shut

Your fire door should never bang shut behind you and excessive noise and force could be an indication that something is wrong. This could be due to a variety of factors: an incorrect closing speed, a loss of fluid or the closing mechanism being improperly fitted. 

In order to remedy this problem, here are several ways to ensure your fire door always closes correctly:

  • Make certain you have the right kind of closer that suits the specific needs of your fire door.
  • Examine the fitting to make certain it has been done properly; fire door closers should only be installed by professionals.
  • Perform regular fire door inspections. This can pick up any flaws with your door or closer before they worsen and result in danger.

Is it illegal to wedge open a fire door?

It is a common occurrence, especially in high-traffic areas, to find fire doors wedged open. This negates the self-closing mechanism, which could have catastrophic consequences in an emergency situation. Should you be found propping a fire door open, you could be subject to both financial and legal penalties. Additionally, insurers may be unwilling to pay out for damages if they find the fire door was deliberately left open. The only safe way to allow a fire door to remain open is by fitting electromagnetic doors; these specialist fire doors will shut automatically when a fire alarm sounds and the magnet is released.


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