The lesser-known flammable items that could cause a fire at home
Posted: 21/05/2019
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The lesser-known flammable items that could cause a fire at home

Here we’ve listed the most commonly overlooked flammable items that could cause a fire to spread in the home, and what you can do to stop it from happening.

Your cleaning cupboard

Every home has one, whether it’s a few bottles under the sink or a cupboard stocked to the brim. What many homeowners do not think about, however, is just how flammable some of those cleaning products can be. From disinfectant sprays to aerosol air fresheners, cleaning products pose a serious risk to health and safety when exposed to heat, and can even cause an explosion.

Your bathroom cabinet

Your bathroom cabinet will be stocked with all sorts of sweet-smelling toiletries, from mouth wash, hand sanitiser and aftershave to nail varnish remover and even bleach. Just like your cleaning products, these items are extremely flammable and should be kept away from fire at all costs. Take extra care if candles are lit, too.

Your utility

Your utility or laundry room can be an extremely dangerous area thanks to the high temperatures washing machines and tumble dryers can run at, and the confined spaces they may be stored in. Pair that with flammable items such as stain removers, bleach and detergent and this small space can be lethal. We recommend keeping the room well ventilated and ensuring your appliances are serviced regularly.

The shed or garage

If you’re like most, your shed or garage will be piled high with extra belongings that you don’t want to store at home. In here, you might find engine oil, bleach, white spirit, antifreeze and even pesticides – some of the most flammable household substances that should be both handled and stored with the utmost care. Be sure to keep any flammable liquids away from heaters or burners within the garage, and check for any spillages, especially in the hotter months.

Protect yourself and your family

It’s no secret that a properly installed and tested smoke alarm is the best possible way to protect yourself, your loved ones and your belongings from fire.

However, for many, this relatively small task falls to the bottom of the to-do list, and months pass by between checks.

In the UK, it is recommended that you choose a fire alarm system powered by mains electricity, so there is no danger of a flat battery causing your fire alarm to fail. If you’re unable to get yours wired into the mains, a correctly installed battery-powered fire alarm will work just as well.

We recommend testing your fire alarm at least once a month to ensure it is working properly. To do so, simply press the button on your fire alarm and it’ll omit a loud alarm sound. If no sound is made, it either needs inspecting or a new battery installed.

Fire alarm installation

At Surrey Tech Services, our friendly and knowledgeable fire alarm installation experts can design, supply, install, commission, test or service both fire alarms and emergency lighting. We specialise in equipping businesses and residential properties with the latest fire safety technology, to ensure your family remains safe should fire spread.

What’s more, all our electricians and installers are qualified to meet British standards, so you can rest easy knowing your home is protected.

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