What benefits does a wireless fire alarm system deliver?
Posted: 24/07/2019
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What benefits does a wireless fire alarm system deliver?

There are many different types of system which you could choose to have installed. All have their own advantages but one of the most popular are wireless systems. But why are they such a great choice for so many commercial and private buildings?

Quick installation times

The installation time is speeded up a lot with wireless systems as there are no cables to run between individual alarms. With this sort of fire alarm system, the installer will only need to fix the wireless alarms themselves and associated kit like beacons at the given locations in your building. This cuts down on the time and effort needed to connect them when compared to traditional systems. This is a particularly big advantage for businesses where any interruption to their usual workflow could prove costly. Even for residential properties, quicker installation is better as it means less disruption to your usual routine.

Cost savings

A great knock-on effect of faster fire alarm system installation is that it will end up costing you less. As the installers will be there for a shorter time, you will spend less on labour costs. This is not the only saving to be made though! As this sort of fire alarm system does not use cables, your provider will not need to buy any to add onto the final bill. Wireless systems are also easy to upgrade over time if you ever find you need more physical alarms installing. This means there is no need to buy any expensive extra infrastructure when the time comes to expand your system.

A flexible fire alarm system

There is nothing wrong with traditional systems but they are not always flexible enough to meet your needs. This can usually be seen in needing a fire alarm unit in a position that is impractical to run cables to. Wireless systems have no such limitations and so can be a great choice for many. However oddly-shaped your building is or whatever structural obstacles there are, going wireless gives you the versatility to get around it.

This means you can have your system equipment placed exactly where you want, rather than where it will actually go. As long as wireless devices have a clear view of the wireless modules picking up their signals, you are good to go. Of course, it is also much easier to re-configure your system if you find the original layout doesn’t quite work. With a traditional cabled system, this would be much harder and involve a lot more work. Even if you leave the premises you are currently at, the design of the wireless fire alarm system means you can simply take it with you!

Fire alarm system installation

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