Why Is My Fire Alarm Beeping?
Posted: 17/11/2023
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Why is my fire alarm beeping?
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Why Is My Fire Alarm Beeping?

What happens if your fire alarm keeps beeping? It’s definitely an indicator that something isn’t right if you get intermittent and random triggers without any fire or smoke present.

The sound of a fire alarm ringing out through your building should never be ignored. You and everyone on the premises should calmly but quickly evacuate via the nearest exit to your designated assembly point until the building is cleared for going back inside.

That’s the standard procedure for a fire alarm in proper working condition, giving you an early warning of a fire in order to save lives. But this month at Surrey Tech Services Ltd, we’ll look at the reasons why your fire alarm is beeping when there is no fire, listing the possible causes before going on to discuss how you can stop it.

Why is my fire alarm beeping?

Reasons your building’s fire alarm is beeping

Aside from your fire alarm beeping because there’s a genuine fire, you might find that some of the reasons below help to explain the cause of constant, unrelated beeping. This can apply to fire alarms as well as the associated panels.

  • There is dust and debris on the alarm sensors – In any office, warehouse or commercial space, there’s a good chance that certain portions of your building aren’t used as much as others. Because of this, dust or even debris from nearby work can accumulate on or inside your fire alarm apparatus.
  • The batteries are loose or have run out of power – If any part of your system relies on batteries, it could trigger beeping from your system if they run flat or are nudged out of place.
  • The power went out – Have you been experiencing power cuts? This loss of power in your fire alarm system could trigger faults and false alarms that cause it to beep when there isn’t actually a fire.
  • The alarm is positioned incorrectly – Your alarm system should be tailored to your building and the day-to-day operations carried out within. If, for example, an alarm sensor is placed in an area where there is high humidity or smoke created from machinery that is expected and not fire-related, then you should consider having your system adjusted to avoid false alarms.

These are only a few of the common reasons that people find their fire alarm beeps when there is no actual fire. If you still aren’t sure what’s wrong with your alarms or control panel, then book a professional inspection with our team at Surrey Tech Services Ltd.

How do I stop my alarm from beeping?

It should go without saying that you can’t just disable, turn off or deactivate your fire alarm system or your fire alarm panel because it’s annoying you. This leaves you without adequate protection to deliver a warning to all people nearby and throughout the building that can save lives. It would also mean you’re not fulfilling your legal obligations.

There are three steps you can follow to try and stop your alarm system from beeping, moving on to each stage if there is no change:

  1. Inspect the system visually – Examine the control panel and sensors to see if there is anything obvious causing the issue, such as damage or missing components.
  2. Replace any batteries – If any part of the alarm system runs off battery power, try swapping the existing batteries with fresh ones to see if this sets things right.
  3. Clean your fire alarm – You may notice that some detectors or panels get dusty over time. Make the effort to clean your fire alarm components as an accumulation of debris and dust could be setting things off. You can use a vacuum as well as a compressed air canister to get into crevices.
  4. Replace the system – You may only need to replace certain portions of your alarm system if it’s damage that is causing the same fault to trigger constant beeping. However, if the system is simply outdated or unfit for purpose, you may need to consider a brand new fire alarm system to help you stay compliant and to protect people inside your premises.

One other way to ensure your alarm isn’t beeping at random, creating uncertainty and false alarms, is to invest in regular fire alarm maintenance — something we want to talk about next.

Fire alarm systems and maintenance from the professionals

Surrey Tech Services fixes beeping fire alarms

Fire alarms are sophisticated pieces of technology designed around your building, so it’s important that, first and foremost, you have the right system for your premises to avoid issues further down the line. At Surrey Tech Services Ltd, we can advise you on our full range of available systems, from addressable fire alarms to wireless fire alarms. And there’s more good news, because we provide professional installation of these systems, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your system is installed and commissioned right from the beginning.

If you’ve had your system for a number of years already and haven’t had it checked or maintained, this is something you need to arrange as soon as possible. Through regular fire alarm maintenance appointments, the experienced technicians in our team can spot any issues before they develop into larger problems, like a lack of coverage or false alarms. You can book a fire alarm maintenance visit from our team by calling us today, regardless of whether it just needs a general check-up or won’t stop beeping.

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